Placing Priority on Your Marriage

Do you feel like your marriage is falling apart? If you and your spouse argue more frequently than you get along, or if you feel emotionally and/or physically distant, you may be contemplating divorce. Before you throw in the towel and give up on your relationship, try these top marriage-saving interventions. In most cases, saving a marriage is well worth the effort.

  • Try Marriage Counseling

    Marriage counseling is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Seeing a marriage counselor isn’t an indication that your marriage is about to end, either. Think of counseling as a way to keep your marriage strong and healthy. Many people who seek counseling are able to work through their problems and not only avoid divorce, but help their marriage relationship thrive with lots of new ideas.

  • Identify Major Conflicts

    When a marriage falls apart, it’s usually because the parties involved don’t know how to deal with major conflicts. If your disagreements consistently revolve around the same issues, you may be able to find a resolution. If you aren’t sure what your main conflicts are, take some time to think about them and write them down. Even divorce lawyers will try to postpone a divorce when conflicts can be resolved.

  • Look for Real Solutions

    Once you have identified your major marriage conflicts, you can look for solutions. Don’t make those solutions one-sided, either. Think of things both you and your partner can do to resolve issues through behavior changes and healthy compromise. For example, if you fight over how to allocate money, try sitting down together and creating a weekly or monthly budget you can both stick to without faltering.

Be Willing to Make a Dedicated Effort

Saving a marriage isn’t easy. In fact, it may be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your lifetime. Just keep in mind that in most cases, saving the relationship is preferable to ending it. If you and your partner can make decisions that will improve your relationship and your life, your efforts will pay off in the end, especially when children are involved.