Main tracking and mixing studio —40-input vintage Trident TSM with 64 inputs at mixdown.

Details here of all the famous hits done on the TSM.

ProTools 24 I/O track HD system and analog tape recorders. Otari 2" 24, Studer 1/2" & Otari 1/4" half track master decks.

25'x27' asymetrical. 18' arching ceiling. Redwood plank walls.

ISO rooms for piano recording & guitar re-amping, etc.

Studio A Equipment


Our studio rates are competitive with most of the smaller studios in Portland of quality and renown.

Please call (503) 228-2222 for details, or contact the engineer you plan on working with directly.

Digital or Analog Tracking & Mixing

Full-on Vintage Analog Tracking & Mastering

Mix your record analog, using our Trident mixer with hardware from our extensive collection of outboard gear.

Even if you tracked into ProTools (or any digital format) you can get the analog warmth from using the best of real gear. We are the best equipped studio in Portland for this traditional method. Get your mixes 'OUT-of-the-BOX', with the authentic character of analog circuitry only lovingly and expertly-maintained vintage gear provides.

Mix into a Studer 1/2" or Otari 1/4" tape deck, and then you'll have the dynamic response and warmth that truly embody the analog aesthetic so fervently sought after by today's wizened recording artists. It really does sounds richer!

Professional-Grade, Cutting-Edge Digital Tools

There's nothing wrong with relying on the various cost- and time-saving Digital Recording tools available on the market today. You can keep things simpler, and mitigate your overall costs by going all-digital. As fashionable and acclaimed as Analog recording technology is —and rightfully so— there is a legitimate value and quality to the sonic character of digital recording, and we have just as much of that gear at our ready disposal.



  • Trident TSM Analog Recording Console
  • 40 mic preamps
  • 40 classic Trident Eq's


  • 40 channels of Trident TSM
  • Vintech x73i (2)
  • Focusrite Red 7
  • Universal Audio LA610 SE
  • UA Dual 2-610 grey face
  • UA LA610
  • API dual 512
  • Dan Alexander UA1108 x2
  • Dan Alexander Audio Neve 1272 (2 channel)
  • Dan Alexander Audio Telefunken V72A
  • Daking 52270 (x2)
  • AMPEX 351


  • Justins JBL beasts
  • Hearback headphone system

Analog Equalizers

  • 40 Channels of parametric Trident TSM
  • API Arsenal Audio EQ–R24
  • Focusrite Red 2
  • Furman PQ4
  • DBX 110 Sub Synth
  • Pultec filter HLF3c
  • Potrzebie Veeblefetzer

Analog Compressor Limiters

  • API 2500 Stereo Compressor
  • Shep /Neve 2264 (stereo)
  • Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)
  • DBX 160x (x2)
  • DBX 165 (x2)
  • ALTEC 1612 B
  • Manley Vari Mu single
  • Orban Stereo Compressor
  • UA 2-1176
  • Gates

  • Drawmer DS201 Gate (x2) 4 total ch.
  • OmniCraft GT4B Noise Gate 4 total ch.
  • Effects

  • Lexicon PCM 70 reverb
  • Sony mur 201 reverb
  • Demeter Real reverb
  • Roland Space Echo 101
  • Yamaha SPX 90
  • Roland SDE3000 delay
  • We dont know what these do.

  • SPL Transient Designer
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer (x2)

Analog Recorders

  • Otari MTR-90 24 track 2 inch
  • Studer A-820 1/2" half track
  • Otari MTR 12 1/4" half track


  • ProTools 10
  • HD2 Accel 24 i/o using Avid 192
  • Command 8